Exploring SimplyMap Data: ConneXions® from Nielsen

In this week’s SimplyMap report, we take a look at one of our newly available data packages – ConneXions® from Nielsen. The ConneXions® segmentation system integrates consumer behavior and usage measures for technology, voice, video and data services with demographics and lifestyle characteristics. ConneXions® enables communications service providers, consumer durables manufacturers, and other companies focused on technology adoption a way to cost-effectively and efficiently retain existing customers, while continuing to acquire new ones.

To give you an idea of these segments, we’ll rank some cities from the US and view each of the top segment’s metadata. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a Standard Report by selecting New Tabular Report > Standard Report.


Step 2: Choose a location from the Locations panel – in this example, we will first use Austin, TX as our location. Close out the Locations panel.


Step 3: Click on the Variables panel and select the ConneXions® folder. Click on Segments and select “Use All Variables” from the Actions dropdown. Close out the Locations panel to generate your report.


Step 4: To view the highest segment in the city of Austin, hover over the city and select Sort Descending from the actions dropdown that appears.


It looks like the largest segment for Austin is Segment 30: Techs and the City. To read about the segment, hover over the variable and select “View Metadata” – below is an excerpt of this segment’s metadata:


We repeated the process for the cities of Miami and Atlanta to see what their top segments were. Atlanta had a similar result to Austin, with “You & iTunes” as the top segment, but Miami’s “Last to Adopt” segment was most prevalent, reflecting an older average population. Log in to SimplyMap to run your own local analysis – share your results in the comments!

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If the institution you are associated with subscribes to SimplyMap and would like a free trial of this data module, please feel free to email: with your request.

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Exploring SimplyMap Data: Biking to Work in the US

In this week’s SimplyMap report, we set out to find which cities have the highest percentages of people who use their bike as their mode of transportation to work in the US. Let’s get started!

1. Create a new Ranking Report by selecting “New Ranking” at the top of Simply Map:


2. Select the variable to rank. Follow this path to find the % Employment, Bicycle to Work, 2014 variable: Census Data » People and Households » Employment » Travel to Work » Mode. Image below for reference.


3. Open the Locations panel and choose USA as your geography. Close out the Locations panel to generate your report. Use the “Analyze data by” tool to select cities.


Because our variable is using a percentage, the ranking report may produce results skewed towards cities with a smaller population. To address this, we can quickly apply a data filter to only show cities with a population greater than 50,000.

Favorite the variable titled, # Population (Pop). This can be found here: Census Data » People and Households » Age » Total. Return to your report, and select Create New Filter from the Data Filters Dropdown towards the top right. Follow the steps below to create and apply the filter:

  1. Scroll down on the variables dropdown to the Favorites list. Select # Population (Pop)
  2. Set the second dropdown to be “is greater than”.
  3. Enter 50,000 into the value field.
  4. Name the filter
  5. Save


Once applied, your new report will be generated to show only cities that have a population greater than 50,000. Cities that don’t meet this criteria will be displayed with a strikethrough. To hide this, click on Display Options > Filtered Locations > Hide to see your final list.

2015-07-08_17-31-08 2015-07-08_17-33-09

Davis, CA takes home the distinction of having the most bike to work commuters in the United States. A little research on Wikipedia reveals that Davis, CA’s motto is: Most Bicycle Friendly Town in the World. Our results here seem to prove that motto (at least in the US)!

Stay tuned for more SimplyMap reports and tips!

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Refining Your Business Search in SimplyMap

In this week’s SimplyMap report, we review the different options available when searching for a business. The easiest and fastest method of mapping businesses or creating a business report is to use a keyword search. The keyword search function searches across several different criteria and returns all businesses related to your keyword. For example, if you did a keyword search for “seafood” you would return seafood restaurants, seafood markets, seafood shacks etc.

In this example, we’ll demonstrate how to refine your business search using an SIC code to get a targeted list of businesses in specific industries. The process of narrowing your business search involves applying additional conditions to your query.

First choose your location; in this example we will use the city of Boston. Next, open the Businesses tab and select the “Add Condition” button. Set the first dropdown to SIC (1), the next to ”is equal to, (2)” and lastly select View List (3) to browse SIC codes.


On the SIC selector screen, select the Search tab (1) to search for seafood (2). The screen will populate with results that have the word seafood in it. Mouse over“seafood restaurants” and select Use This Code (3).


Select “Show Businesses” to populate your report using that specific code as the condition. Boston is home to 43 designated seafood restaurants – that’s not including seafood shacks or markets!


BONUS: SimplyMap lets you add multiple conditions. On the Businesses panel, you can add up to 4 total conditions by clicking on the “Add Condition” button and setting up conditions. In the image below, we set two conditions: the SIC code for seafood restaurants AND businesses which include “Legal” in their name.. This would then return the popular Boston seafood restaurants – Legal Seafood.



We hope you enjoyed this week’s SimplyMap report. Stay tuned for more SimplyMap tips and reports!

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Exploring SimplyMap Data: SimmonsLOCAL Lifestyle Statements

In this week’s report we take a look at one folder found within SimplyMap’s SimmonsLOCAL data package. SimmonsLOCAL is a powerful targeting and profiling system that provides insights into consumer behavior for all of America’s 210 media markets on a local level with 60,000+ data variables, including over 450 categories and 8,000 specific brands.

The folder we are looking at today is the Lifestyle Statements folder. Here you will find 26 unique lifestyle statement subcategories ranging from attitude and opinions on apparel, to diet and health statements. The picture below shows the options available.


In this showcase we will create a Ranking Report using the variable statement AGREE A LOT – NUTRITIONAL VALUE MOST IMPORTANT IN FOOD I EAT. This can be found at this path:


First, select New Ranking found at the top of SimplyMap. Next, click on Variables and navigate through the above path to locate the variable.

Under locations, select USA as your geography and use the Analyze Data By functionality to select Cities.


Apply a population filter (read more about using filters here) to only show cities with 100,000 or more residents, and the final result will look like this:


Note: you can see your applied filter located towards the top of your report by the Active Filter text.

At 38.24% Paterson, NJ ranks first in the United States (cities > 100k) for folks who agree a lot with the statement: NUTRITIONAL VALUE MOST IMPORTANT IN FOOD I EAT.

To quickly map Paterson, NJ hover over the location and select Create Map:


Map of Paterson, NJ:


We hope you enjoyed this look into the SimmonsLOCAL data set. With over 60,000 variables in the package, we will be posting many more variable spotlight reports.

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ALA is Coming – June 26-29 in San Francisco

We will be attending ALA this summer in San Francisco (hint: dress warm!). Visit us at Booth 413 and don’t forget to enter our raffle – we will be giving away a $100 gift certificate to!

Exhibition Schedule:
Friday June 26 – 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday June 27 – 9:00 am – 5:00 pmSunday June 28 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Monday June 29 – 9:00am – 2:00 pm


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GRI Heading to SLA Annual Conference – June 14-16 Boston

The SimplyMap team is looking forward to visiting with customers and others at the SLA Annual Conference, coming to Boston on June 14-16.

Come visit us at Booth #916, we are happy to answer product questions, share tips and tricks, and talk data. We also love hearing about how you are using SimplyMap to support your research!

We will also be raffling off a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

The INFO-EXPO Hours when the exhibit will be open:
Sunday June 14 – 11:30 am – 7:00 pm
Monday June 15 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday June 16 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


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SimplyMap Tip: Exporting Maps

In this week’s SimplyMap report, we want to share with you the many options available when exporting maps in SimplyMap. In SimplyMap, when a user selects Export Map Image from the Actions bar, you will be presented with a 3 step export process. This report will cover all options available from each step. Let’s get started!


The arrows in the image below refer to the Standard Size and Orientation of your cropping square. Changing either of these options will alter the cropping square to your selection.

Options available for Standard Size: Letter, Legal, Tabloid
Orientation: Portrait or Landscape


If you prefer instead to customize the size and shape of your cropping area, you may do so by clicking and dragging along an edge or corner of the box until the area meets your desired specifications. Example shown below:


With the cropping area to your choosing, advance to the next step of the export process by selecting “Continue to Layout” from the bottom left side of the cropping menu.

Step 2 – LAYOUT

This step allows users a myriad of customization options. Let’s take a look at these.

Adding a Label - Located towards the top of the menu is a button to “Add Text Label”. Once selected, you may enter a title and change the color or font size of your labels. Feel free to add additional labels as needed.


Tip: You can also move the location of the label itself to anywhere in or around your map.

Adding an Inset Map and North Arrow - The bottom left side of the menu will present checkboxes to add an inset map or north arrow. Selecting one or both will add them to your map.

Picture of Inset Map:


Tip: You may resize or relocate your inset map as needed by selecting the map and moving it to a new location and editing the width, height, left, and top values.

Picture of North Arrow:


Tip: Similar to the inset map and labels, you may relocate and resize your arrow.

Adjusting Page Size, and Orientation: The page size, and orientation options will allow you to tailor the final layout presentation of your image. For custom sizes, there is an option to edit the width and height values as shown below:


Step 3 – Export your Map

The final step in the exporting process is to choose your file format and method of delivery.

Available file formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG and PDF

Delivery options: Email or direct download


Click “Finished” to export your map!

We hope you enjoyed this SimplyMap feature showcase – let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see explained!





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SimplyMap Quick Tips

In this week’s write up we want to share some quick tips and tricks that you might not yet know about in SimplyMap.

TIP #1

Did you know that you can share your work? SimplyMap allows you to quickly and easily share your work with other SimplyMap users. Here’s how:

Click on the drop down by the tab you’d like to share, and click SHARE


After selecting share, you will be provided with a customized URL.


Copy and send this URL to another SimplyMap user. When the user clicks the link, they will be presented with the work you completed.

TIP #2

Accidentally closed out a tab, or trying to review some of your past work? No worries! In SimplyMap, closing out a report or map tab will not delete your work. In fact, your old work can be easily recovered and opened. Here’s how:

At the top right of SimplyMap, you’ll see a button for “Saved Tabs”.


Once selected, a dialog box will appear with your current tabs, and previously created reports/maps. Hover over the work in question, and select open. SimplyMap will reopen the selected report or map.


NOTE: If you select DELETE from a tab’s dropdown, your work will be permanently deleted and not stored in your Saved Tabs.

TIP #3

Don’t want to see colored data for the areas around your target location? Apply a location mask. Here’s a before and after shot:


smtips5Go to Display Options > Apply Location Mask:




We hope that you were able to learn from one of these quick tips. Stay tuned for more tips and interesting reports.

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Exploring SimplyMap Data: Consumer Buying Power

In this week’s edition of exploring SimplyMap data, we spotlight the Consumer Buying Power® data package in SimplyMap.

What is it? The Nielsen Consumer Buying Power® database incorporates geography-based estimates of potential annual consumer spending for more than 350 household expenditure items.

This effectively allows researchers to determine a target area for potential consumers or buyers of a given type of product. Let’s take a look at an example.

Scenario: You want to identify target cities in Florida that would be most interested in home cooking products and appliances.

Using the CBP dataset, we can easily locate some target cities. Here’s how:

First, create a ranking report using Florida as the location. Next, navigate through the following path to select the variable, CBP: Food At Home (HH Avg).


Next, use the Analyze Data By feature and select cities to reveal your target areas.


And that’s all there is to it! You might then be only interested in cities with a population of at least 50k. This can easily be done by applying a data filter (read more here). The new results are shown below:


Interested in specific maps or a particular dataset? Let us know!

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Exploring SimplyMap Data: Retail Market Power

In this week’s SimplyMap report, we explore one of the newer datasets available: Retail Market Power®.

What is it? In short, the Retail Market Power® dataset helps users identify opportunities within the industry they are targeting. These gaps are identified by analyzing expenditures and retail sales. Marketers can focus on targeting areas where the expenditures far exceed the total sales.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Scenario: You are thinking of opening up a jewelry store in your ZIP code, but first you want to determine if there is a need for one, and discover if people in the area readily buy jewelery.

Solution: First, open a Standard Report and use your ZIP code as the location. Next, navigate through the Retail market Power category in the Variables menu to find jewelry store expenditures and sales in your location. After selecting the correct variables, close out the Variables menu to generate your report.


rmp3The report is shown below:


According to the above results, there is a fairly large gap in the jewelry store industry in the 44146 ZIP code where expenditures are greatly exceeding sales. Many residents must be spending their money at jewelry stores outside of the ZIP code, creating an opportunity for more jewelry stores to site locally.

The above scenario is a brief look at this dataset. Explore the other 17 category folders and let us know some interesting figures you come across!

Lastly, don’t forget to enter into our Winter Sweepstakes where we’ll be giving away an iPad and Kindle Fire! Details here: Winter Sweepstakes!

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